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Welcome to the website of All Saints’ Cathedral church Nairobi Kenya, we are the National Cathedral of All Saints’ under the Anglican Church of Kenya. We have designed this site as a resource for those who would like to learn more about our church, our services and activities at the Cathedral. The Office of the Provost works to strengthen this church, by mobilizing every confessing believer to engage in some ministry within the broad range of ministries available in the church.

Every believer will be brought to the point of appreciating that the living out of the Christian faith demands the exercise of one’s gifting in the body of Christ. Our role as a church to be a Cathedral of Spiritual nourishment and fellowship for ministry to the world and support the society.Thank you for your interest in our church. Please contact us if we can assist you in learning more about the Church, the services or you want to join us and be our member or friend.

2015 Theme:

Growing to Maturity

Eph 4:11-17

Growing to Maturity: Baptism of the Holy Spirit

“Until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.” (Ephesians 4:13)

The start of any year brings along with it a breath of newness and a sparkle like no other. Everyone privileged to experience a new start is hopeful and expects the best in future days. This usually happens at the backdrop of the past experiences both pleasant and unpleasant that have formed and shaped one’s perspective on life in the previous year. Our experiences, as believers in the year 2014 have produced our prayers, resolutions and expectations in the year 2015. Those that seek to forget their past, are in danger of repeating it.

The myopic belief in false prophets, the deliberate engagement with cults and occults, the blatant embrace of heretical and misleading doctrines and the lethargic engagement in matters faith has led astray many believers and unbelievers alike. Such have also resulted to spiritual apathy in churches, disarray in the body of Christ, disregard of Scripture as the true word of God, weak and selfish governance and mix of Christianity with other faiths (syncretism). It is for these reasons that the theme of the year 2015 “Grow to Maturity” comes in handy. After the disciples “launched into the deep”, they did not wallow in the glory of the miracle, but followed Jesus to be like him.

Maturity is a high state of being that is desirably sought after. In all spheres of life be it economic, intellectual, emotional and spiritual, there is a yearning for maturity. Just like it is natural to expect a baby to grow to maturity, it’s also natural for believers to mature in faith.  As believers we are driven and sustained by striving to archive spiritual maturity. The Apostle Paul clearly reflects on maturity by stating that he has not yet attained spiritual maturity but he make every effort to attain the goal and prize set before him for which God has called him upward in Christ Jesus (Phil. 3:13-14). In addition he affirms to believers to yearn to ‘grow up’ and be built up in their faith in Christ and avoid any distortion and alteration of their faith (Eph. 4:11-17).

Therefore spiritual maturity is defined as the state of being fully aware and founded in the knowledge of one is in God through faith in Christ Jesus. It is simply the realization, understanding and appreciation of a believer’s position in Christ and how to lead one’s life on the basis of such knowledge. Christian maturity has nothing to do with ones chronological age; it has little to do with how old a person is. It has to do with reflecting the character of Jesus Christ. How much of the character of Jesus Christ do you reflect in your life? What growth have you seen in your life recently?

What then should be done for each believer to achieve Spiritual maturity? In the year 2015 the Cathedral focus will be on spiritual formation through observance of spiritual disciplines (prayer, scripture reading, fasting, meditation…), adopting a pragmatic and realist way of handling contemporary issues affecting us whilst being guided by scripture, maintaining our focus on the centrality of Jesus Christ in life and encourage a life of obedience to God’s word for every Christian. The Sunday preaching will give but a foretaste of the deep doctrinal teaching and engagement that will take place in the weekly Bible study sessions, prayer and healing service (Wed: 5:30pm), daily communion services (7am) and other tailor-made seminars, public lectures and tutorials to address matters spiritual maturity. We therefore urge each one of us to come on board and seek to grow to maturity in Christ Jesus.



CHURCH ETIQUETTE (provosts Desk 24th May 2015)
The Church is perhaps one of the last social institutions where dignity, protocol, respect, and reverence are maintained. This is primarily because when we come to the church and its services we are entering the kingdom of God on earth, His habitation, and we choose to honor this sacred place by our attentiveness to what is proper and ordered. We have the opportunity to reflect the image of Christ within us by our actions. “You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation” (1 Peter 2:9).
During the New Membership Training etiquette is taught to the new members with an objective of helping Christians show honour and respect to the House of God.
What is Etiquette? “Church etiquette is a set of rules that govern behavior in the house of God. It comes from the same principle as the etiquette that governs behavior in polite society.” The Anglican Church is an institution which follows a written liturgy. Liturgy is literally defined as “the work of the people” and is congregational and participatory in nature. We do not come together in the pursuit of an experience, though exalted feelings may follow; our primary focus is bringing a sacrifice of honor and praise to the Most High God.
Some of the etiquette that needs to be observed in the place of worship include:
1. Keep time so that you can avoid distracting those already in the sanctuary.
Especially avoid walking in and out of the sanctuary during prayers, scripture reading and the sermon.
2. Honouring the Lord’s Table. Before you partake or approach the Lord’s table, examine
yourself (1Corinthians 11:28) and judge yourself (1 Corinthians 11:31) so that you
can partake having a clear conscience. When partaking, place your right hand over
the left and wait for the words of presentation {The body of Christ keep you in eternal life
or The blood of Christ keep you in eternal life} then respond Amen then partake. Wait for
the person on your left to leave then get up to avoid bumping into each other.
3. Dress appropriately. Our bodies outside reflect what we are inside. Your dress reflects your heart. Be neat and appropriately attired.
4. Be respectful of others. Don’t let your child be a distraction. We have the Sunday
school, Crèche, St. Matthew and MPH Rooms 1 &2 where the little ones have freedom to
move about while you follow the service.
5. Observe quietness especially during prayers, readings and sermons.
6. Choose an appropriate seat. If you should come in late for some reason, sit in the back and don’t parade yourself, all eyes will turn from what’s going on at the front to
7. Stay until the end. Leave when the service is ended, not after the sermon or before the recessional hymn. Leaving early takes the edge off of the finality of a service. The blessing and the recessional hymn provide the closure intended at the close of the
8. Men should not wear hats. Wearing a hat to church shows a lack of respect. It
implies discourtesy to the rule of that establishment
9. Turn off your cell phone and avoid texting. Texting is not only distracting to those around you, but it is downright sacrilegious. Unless you are on call like the case of Doctors and the uniformed forces, phones should remain switched off during the service. If you take notes on phone/tablet please make sure its silent.
As God said through Malachi concerning Israel’s flawed sacrifices “Why not offer it to your governor? Would he be pleased with you?” God is to be honored above all others with reverence in the beauty of holy worship; our gathering is to be as such.

Sunday Services

Holy Communion

7.00 amMain Sanctuary

Sunday School

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English Adult

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9.30 amTrinity Center
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9.30 amMPH Penthouse

Sign Language

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9.30 amMPH Penthouse


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