• Sunday services

    Our Sunday Services resume as normal in the Cathedral 2015-01-03 to 2015-12-31 at All Saints Cathedral Church

  • Man Enough Programme

    Will be launched on 24th   January  2015. Wednesday  at 5:30 pm & Saturday classes at  7:00am. Registration at the info. tent (In the Cathedral) 2015-01-22 to 2015-02-22 at Trinity Centre

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    Will begin on 31st January 2015 at 10 am...Registration at the info. tent 2015-01-22 to 2015-02-14 at Main Sanctuary

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    Starts on 8th Feb 2015 for six months..every Sunday at 1:30- 4:00pm 2015-01-22 to 2015-07-25 at Trinity Center (St Matthew)


Welcome to the website of All Saints’ Cathedral church Nairobi Kenya, we are the National Cathedral of All Saints’ under the Anglican Church of Kenya. We have designed this site as a resource for those who would like to learn more about our church, our services and activities at the Cathedral. The Office of the Provost works to strengthen this church, by mobilizing every confessing believer to engage in some ministry within the broad range of ministries available in the church.

Every believer will be brought to the point of appreciating that the living out of the Christian faith demands the exercise of one’s gifting in the body of Christ. Our role as a church to be a Cathedral of Spiritual nourishment and fellowship for ministry to the world and support the society.Thank you for your interest in our church. Please contact us if we can assist you in learning more about the Church, the services or you want to join us and be our member or friend.

2015 Theme:

Growing to Maturity

Eph 4:11-17

Christian Stewardship

The Principles of Giving

From The Provost Desk (25th January 2015)

Lang’ata Primary School saga – Whose right and whose wrong?

The week began on a rather low and shocking note with the media houses ablaze with news of land grabbing. The social media platform was crammed with distressing pictures of children and policemen embroiled in battle to protect what each party believed to be right.

In as much as every angle and side of this coin believes to be the true and reliable face, truth be told there were flaws on each and every side. The police believe they acted in accordance to the stipulated procedure in handling riotous crowds. The activist-led crowd of children wielding placards and vehemently chanting believe they were well within their rights. The school principal had every duty to protect school property under her custody. The investor and alleged land grabber also believes they are entitled to develop on their legally acquired land.

This is a stalemate that needs time and resources to get to the central core of the problem. With every party playing victim and culprit, it will take tedious legal processes to unearth and bring the matter to conclusion. However, in the midst of the blame shifting, finger pointing and search for the truth behind the chaos, a simple act from an unexpected quarter turns to quail and pour water on a rather flamed up situation. The selfless, humble act by a newly appointed public official of apologizing to the children and with humility assuring and promising to get to the bottom of the matter began a new chapter in changing the script and restoring hope.

In Kenya, land issues and specifically land-grabbing is a very thorny matter. Not too long ago, both Karura forest and Uhuru Park had been identified for development of prestigious residential property and the then KANU headquarters, respectively. Both projects were fought vigorously at a time when freedom of expression was severely curtailed by the government of the day.

Recently, we saw a tussle unfold between certain individuals, both laying claim to a parcel of land in Karen. After about a 1-week news cycle the story was forgotten until now. It appears, Kenyans forget too easily and are mainly reactive instead of proactive. Since independence land-grabbing has been an endemic problem in Kenya rooted in corruption and impunity. There is need to streamline land policies in Kenya including allotment of land and development of property to avert violence; death (in the case of collapsed buildings that are improperly built); and unnecessary costly court cases to arbitrate the issues that surround these issues.

Additionally, activism should not be lopsided instead it should seek to serve the rights of the minority without causing unnecessary harm or injury to people and property. Although peaceful protests and demonstrations are effective, we must leave room for dialogue where possible as a means of compelling change through policy and legislation modifications. This may in time provide more lasting solutions for aggrieved parties and Kenyans in general while injecting renewed confidence in the existing government.

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