Cathedral Schools

  • Kindergarten

    The school began with the church initially it was to cater for children whose parents (missionaries) were training at the ACK language school

    As the number of children increased there was need for a formal school. This started in 1972. The first African Head mistress was Dr. Pamela Kola.


    To offer a balanced education programme within a Christian environment


    To give quality education in partnership with parents and the church founded on Christian principles. So as to prepare the child for life’s challenges


    Integrity and knowledge


    The school is situated within the premises of all Saints’ Cathedral church located along Kenyatta Avenue, opposite Serena Hotel

    Admission requirements

    The child must be between 3 – 6 years.

    A child turns 4 in baby class

    5 in nursery class

    6 in Kindergarten, ready for standard 1

    School Hours

    Full day session 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM

    Half day session 8:00 AM – 12:30 PM

    What We Offer

    Class rooms

    Spacious, clean with good lighting and well equipped facilities

    Teachers/ pupil ratio is 20- 25 per class

    We offer Piano lessons

    We also provide all reading and writing materials required at the school.


    Swimming lessons are offered to children by qualified instructors with a lot of care to ensure safety.

    Out door activities

    The school has a well distributed program for sports, excursions and interactive activities throughout the year in addition to exciting play equipment.


    We have well qualified and committed teachers mostly from KHA


    Currently, the school has one bus which plies upper hill, KNH, Ngummo, Magiwa, Highrise, Madaraka, Nairobi west, and South B/C


    We offer balanced and nutritious meals prepared by us in our kitchen

    At break time, hot milk is provided for all children with snacks

  • Primary School


    Vision:  To be the center of excellence in Christian education and leadership development.

    Mission: To shape children’s destinies through provision of holistic education.

    Core values: The fear of God, professionalism, honesty, and integrity, servant leadership, accountability, commitment, teamwork and hard work.

    Pastoral care

    All Saints’ is a Christian School with an Anglican background with the main aim of promoting good morals and social values as well as   quality education. Spiritual nurturing and character building. The school has an incumbent chaplain who handles spiritual matters of the institution – Counseling, Fellowships, prepares children for catechism and confirmation.

    The school places great emphasis on the school choir and hymn hour as these activities identify us with the Cathedral.

    Emphasis is also placed on regular interpersonal communication with parents, with communication via the School Diaries, Parents- Teachers’ Consultation Meetings, Newsletters, Telephone and E-mail. Club Activities,
    Pastoral care committee

    • Rev.Ken Ofula– School Chaplain and Adviser Pastoral Committee
    • Mr.Moses Shibia–Coordinator Pastoral Committee•Mrs.V. Karanja– Senior Teacher and children’s coordinator pastoral Committee.

    .Mrs.Zilpher Mjeni—secretary pastoral committee.

    The Committee animates the following:
    1. Prayers
    2. Scripture Reading
    3. Special Seasonal Prayers: In adherence to liturgical traditions, specific prayers geared to the season of the Liturgical Year, such as Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter can be used.
    4. Christian carols.
    5. Catechesis and Christian Religious Education:
    • The Christian Religious Education syllabus covers three main areas: the Bible (Old and New Testaments) African Religious heritage and Contemporary Christian Living. The syllabus aims at creating awareness in the learner of his/her life and relationship with God as revealed in Jesus Christ in a changing and developing society in which he/she is a member. Christian Religious Education seeks to develop a positive attitude in the learner, towards God, the self, others and the environment in which he/she lives.
    6. Activities Supporting Community

    Harvest Sunday


    Admission is based solely on merit and the School does not discriminate in admissions.  Parents of students with non-Kenyan nationalities must show a valid residence permit, and obtain a student pass for their child to be enrolled at the School.

    All prospective students are expected to be conversant in English if  they are joining classes above class4, have good numerical literacy, show academic aptitude and interest in co-curricular  activities, and have a positive record of behavior both in and outside the classroom. It is advisable to present the last report form of the pupil.

    Preschool entry.

    Entry to these classes is open throughout the year.


    Class One Entry
    In October and November each year, the Primary School admits approximately 50 pupils into class1, aged 5.5 to 6.5 years.   Preference is given to pupils from the the All Saints’ Cathedral Kindergarten and Preschool, which follow the CECECE curriculum Pupils from the Pre -Unit School receive admission to the primary School if they have been at the Preschool for at least two years (K2 and K3) and they receive a recommendation for admission from the Head teacher of the Preschool.

    A small number of students are also admitted from various other nursery schools.  For these students, selection is based on performance on entry level assessments and interviews with the pupils and parents.

    Class 2 to 6 intake is open throughout the year.

    Class 7 intakes only term 1 and before end of term 2.

    Transfer from other schools
    For admission into other class, an applicant is required to sit an entrance test. An interview will also be held with the student and sometimes with parents. Past reports from previous schools are taken into consideration for admission.


    Core Subjects

    These are Literacy, Numeracy and Science

    Foundation Subjects

    English, Kiswahili, Mathematics, Social Studies, Christian Education, swimming,   and computer lessons for young learners.

    Co-curricular Activities

    These include Shairi and Poetry Competitions, Drama, Debates, Mathematics and Science class projects, public reading and speech, Music. Chess club for the lower primary.

    Extra-Curricular Activities

    These include Club Activities, Sports, Soccer, Girls Netball, School Choir, The young farmers club, Trips, (Horse riding, and Roller skating second term activities) Chess and Table Tennis club for the lower primary


      Fees per
    CLASS  Term
    Pre-School                 35,200.00
    Class 1-3                 41,800.00
    Class 4-5                 44,000.00
    Class 6-7                 46,200.00
    Class 8                 52,800.00
    New Admissions Only(Payable once).
                   Admission fees                    2,000.00
                   Text Book levy (Class 1-7 Only)                    6,000.00
    The school fees caters for Tuition, Lunch, Tea and Snack, Swimming, Text books,
    Academic Trips, Computer Lessons,  Music and Soccer Training.
    Class 8 fees includes the candidates annual trip after KCPE
    AREA Charges
    KPA/College of Insurance                   13,000.00
    Midland/KBS/KLB/St.Mary/W.Prison/Balozi/Hazina                   12,500.00
    South B: Mater/ Mariakani/Otiende/plainsview/Golden Gate                   11,000.00
    Langata: Rubia , NHC,Ngei,Oasis,Phenom,Uchumi, Carnivore                   11,000.00
    Dam Estate/Jonathan Ngeno/Breeze                 10,500.00
    South C:Mosque Area/Sughura/Mugoya/5star/Bellevue                 10,500.00
    Kenyatta/Upperhill/Valley Rd/                 10,500.00
    Ngumo/Sunview/Mimosa/Magiwa                    9,200.00
    Paa/Swara/Kifaru/Nbi West Hosp./Tyson                    9,200.00
    Kodi Rd/Nbi west shopping ctr/Mai Mahiu Rd/Wilson/Amref                    8,000.00
    Highrise/Akila II                    8,000.00
    Madaraka Estate/NHC next to House of Grace Church                    7,500.00
    Siwaka /Akila I                    6,500.00
    Those who use the bus one way will pay 60% of route’s fee.
    On admission, fees must be paid in full on or before the first day of the term
    A rebate of 5% is given if full fees is paid before the term starts
    For the existing parents who pay by installments the school policy requires that 50% of fees
    be paid before the term begins and the balance is payable within the first month of opening school
    No cash or personal cheques will be accepted
    Fees once paid is not refundable

     Exam results for KCPE 2015

    MADELEINE BENNA 93 A 85 A 83 A 72 B+ 85 A 418 83.6 1
    DANIEL KANYUGO 94 A 79  A- 84 A 76 A- 82 A 415 83.0 2
    BRIAN MACHANGA 90 A 76  A- 81 A 71 B+ 81 A 399 79.8 3
    JEAN NADONGO OFUNJA 87 A 75  A- 86 A 72 B+ 76 A- 396 79.2 4
    RUTH MBINYA 93 A 70  B+ 84 A 68 B 75 A- 390 78.0 5
    SHIRLEEN SEIN KILAKOI 93 A 69 B 84 A 68 B 76 A- 390 78.0 5
    GINAH NJUHI 88 A 82 A 74 B+ 69 B 76 A- 389 77.8 7
    JEAN MARIE V. ITEBA 90 A 71   B+ 81 A 72 B+ 75 A- 389 77.8 7
    EILEEN WANGUI 90 A 68 B 78 A- 69 B 77 A- 382 76.4 9
    NATASHA WANJIRU 89 A 71  B+ 72 B+ 69 B 75 A- 376 75.2 10
    ALEXANDRA DENISE ADHIAMBO 87 A 69 B 80 A 68 B 69 B 373 74.6 11
    DAVID JAMES OPONDO 77 A- 72  B+ 80 A 68 B 75 A- 372 74.4 12
    IVY GATHONI 79 A- 68 B 65 B 63 B- 77 A- 352 70.4 13
    AMAL TUME LATIFF SHABAN 77 A 69 B 74 B+ 66 B 66 B 352 70.4 13
    NAOMI CHEPKIRUI CHERUIYOT 67 B 71   B+ 69 B 66 B 74 B+ 347 69.4 15
    JOHN MUTUA MUTUKU 80  A 68 B 68 B 61 B- 62 B- 339 67.8 16
    JOHN KIPROTICH 75   A- 63  B- 72 B+ 58 C+ 71 B+ 339 67.8 16
    LISA MUENI MUTHAMA 78 A- 63 B- 71 B+ 63 B- 60 B- 335 67.0 18
    LENA WANJIKU MWANGI 80 A 61 B- 59 C+ 63 B- 59 C+ 322 64.4 19
    TIFFANY JOY KANANA 68 B 61  B- 68 B 60 B- 62 B- 319 63.8 20
    ARAFAT IBRAHIM OGLE 70   B+ 54 C 57 C+ 60 B- 74 B+ 315 63.0 21
    TOTAL 1745 0 1465 0 1570 0 1402 0 1527 0 7709 1542
    AVERAGE 83.10 0.00 69.76 0.00 74.76 0.00 66.76 0.00 72.71 0.00 367.10 73.42
    POSITION 1 4 2 5 3
    No of As 18 5 10 1 12
    No of Bs 3 15 9 19 8
    No of Cs 0 1 2 1 1
    No of Ds _ _ _ _ _
    No of Es _ _ _ _ _