A Journey Of Faith The Cathedral History

The idea of the church that was to be later named All Saints’ Cathedral was mooted by the first Bishop of the diocese of Mombasa, the Rt. Rev. William G. Peel who arrived in Nairob in 1900. Peel conducted the first Anglican service in Nairobi, attended by the Uganda Ra (lunatic Express).
Fourteen years later, on July 1914 a public meeting of European Anglican community was held to raise money for a permanent church in the centre of Nairobi, spearheaded by the Nairobi branch of the Church of England Men’s society. After three years the Foundation Stone of the All Saints Church was laid on 3rd February 1917 by His Excellency the Governor, Sir Henry Conway Belfield. Under the foundation stone that was blessed by Ri Rev. JJ Willis of Uganda was buried a document with these words:

"God grant that this church of All Saints may now and always be a bouse to promote the greater glory of God and that of His Son, Lord Jesus Christ, and that from it may the waters of life flow for ages for the salvation of the faithful of Nairobi and the whole Nation."

A Journey through Time