All Saints' Cathedral Church (ASC)

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All Saints’ Cathedral Church (ASC) is the Provincial Cathedral of the Anglican Church of Kenya and the Diocesan Cathedral of All Saints’ Cathedral Diocese in Nairobi. The Cathedral has a rich history dating back 105 years since it was established in 1917. It is a landmark house of worship, attracting a diverse and cosmopolitan congregation that represents the social, economic, and political diversity that exists in Kenya.

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Let us go to the sanctuary of the LORD and Worship him.

Being the Provincial Cathedral, it enjoys an identity within the Province that transcends that of any other ACK church. It is the home of the Provincial services and is of interest across the province with an influence of national character. As an Arch-Cathedral, it exemplifies the presence of the global Anglican faith in Kenya and it is the physical and aesthetic pride of the 5 million strong Anglican communities in Kenya.

ASC has been operating in a strategic planning environment for the last 15 years, with the first strategic plan running from 2007-2011, the second from 2012-2016, and the third from 2017- 2021. This strategic plan is built upon the achievements of these strategic plans while taking cognizance of the challenges and lessons learned in the implementation of the preceding plans.

ASC owns two other institutions, a kindergarten and a primary school. The kindergarten which was established in the colonial era has remained part of the Cathedral's heritage over the years. The kindergarten has a population of 66 learners and its facilities have been used for ministry and social activities since its establishment. On the other hand, the establishment of a primary school in 1988 was a key milestone in the Cathedral's history. The primary school is located on an 8-acre land in Madaraka, near Strathmore University, off Mbagathi Way/ Lang'ata Road. Currently, the school has a student population of 418 pupils. The grounds are used for social and ministry functions by All Saints' Cathedral membership and the local community at large. The two have continued to excel academically and in numbers as well as in the spiritual transformation of learners into Christ-centeredness.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision

A Christ-Centered Cathedral, Impacting Generations.

Our Mision

To transform people through the Word of God, equipping disciples for holistic ministry.